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Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Spring Gala, Wednesday April 25, 2007


# 2007 Gala Invitation (pictured left)
# Gala Dinner Program Booklet
# Soane Foundation Honorees
# Masque Script by Chippy Irvine
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Photos by Matthew Gillis Photography

Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, revered equally by modern, post-modern, and classical architects, was the benefactor of a Spring Gala on April 25 at the Rainbow Room. Organized by Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation, based in New York, this year’s gala was an evening of dinner and dancing preceded by a mini-Masque, written and directed by the organization’s President, Chippy (Mrs. Keith) Irvine. (Masques for those who haven’t been – were elaborate entertainments created during the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods with costumes and sets that were wildly extravagant and expensive.) And even though or maybe precisely because Irvine’s costumes were made of  plastic bags, bubblewrap and catfood tins and her players were recruited friends and family – the black tie crowd  gave a standing ovation, led by International Chair, Mrs. Deborah Brice and Gala Co-Chairs Joseph A. Field, Peter Pennoyer, Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott, Kathleen E. Springhorn and Paul V. Wiseman.

Rainbow Room
After the Masque, Co-Chair Elizabeth H. Scott welcomed the crowd and introduced Tim Knox, the young and talented Director of  Sir John Soane’s Museum. Richard Griffiths, Chairman of Trustees gave a toast followed by the presentation of the first Soane Foundation Honors to author/illustrator/educator David Macaulay and philanthropist/preservationist, Richard H. Driehaus for their outstanding contributions to architectural education.

Right: A toast by Soane Museum Chair Richard Griffiths

Honoree Richard H Driehaus
Presentation by Kathy Springhorn and Paul Wiseman
to Honoree David Macaulay

After the raffle of 2 round trip tickets on the new all-business class Eos Airlines and the luxury basket of fragrances and candles from Vie Luxe, guests enjoyed dancing to the sounds of Hank Lane’s East End Review.  Spotted out on the floor were Christopher Forbes, Frances Hayward, Nicholas Stern, Susan Zises Green, Max Protetch, Barbara Jakobson, Christopher Mason, Elizabeth Zabludoff, Talbot Logan, Pamela Banker, Arthur L. Loeb, Thomas A. Kligerman ( who played Sir John Soane in the Masque), Lucy and Nat Day, Keith Irvine( Joseph Gandy in the Masque), Nancy Richardson, John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn,  among others.


CoChair Betty Scott - Soane Museum Chair Richard Griffiths - Intl Chair Debby Brice - CoChair Kathy Springhorn - Honoree David Macaulay
CoChairs Paul Wiseman - Peter Pennoyer
Soane Museum Director Tim Knox
CoChair Betty Scott
Jonas Everets - Jean Larette
Christopher Forbes - Frances Hayward
Judy DiMaio - Wendy Moonan - Duncan Darrow - Valera Lyles
John and Cynthia Gunn - Dorrit Egli - John Everets
Max Protetch - Alexander Gorlin - Anne Fairfax
Natalie Davies - Debby Brice - Taran Davies
Suzanne Stephens - Jaquelin Robertson
Merrie Keller - CoChair Joe Field
Courtney and Nickolas Stern
Molly and David Borthwick
Sally Swing - Dorrit Egli - Cynthia Everets - Faye Cone
Mitchell Owen - Sara Vass
Honoree David Macaulay - Elbrun Kimmelman
Betty Scott - David Macaulay - Kathy Springhorn
Richard Driehaus
Peter Pennoyer - Barbara Pine - Richard Driehaus - Kathy Springhorn

Grant Gibson - Suzanna Allen

Ed Gottesman - Patti Matson - Tim Knox

Betty and Stanley Scott

The Directors of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation would like to recognize the following corporate leaders and supporters of this evening:

Cooper Robertson & Partners
EOS Airlines
Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects
Peter Pennoyer Architects
Taconic Builders
Withers Bergman


The Foundation would like to thank EOS Airlines as they have graciously provided
two round-trip tickets for the benefit of this evening


The theme for the Spring Gala was an homage entitled MOOD INIGO JONES.   Jones (1573 – 1652) was famous not only for being England's first architect of note but also for his masque designs.  Players were traditionally courtiers, including James I, Charles I, and their Queens, Anne of Denmark and Henrietta Maria of France.

“The Architect’s Apotheosis: Presenting the Life of Sir John Soane - In five minutes...”
Chippy Irvine, President, Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation – Narrator

The Foundation would especially like to recognize Chippy Irvine, the writer, producer, and costumer of this amazing production.

Left: Keith Irvine playing Joseph Gandy loosing his mind
Funny Moments - Maggie Carey has column problems
Curtain Call

Maggie Carey - Vice President, UBS Financial Services
Birch Coffey - Interior Designer, Birchfield Studio Ltd.
Leamond Dean - a co-owner of MONTAGERIE a custom made fashion house. His first career was as a dancer on Broadway!
Linda Hanrohan - owner of an animal wrangling business called ANIMALS FOR ADVERTISING. She has brought up a 9 foot cow
on the freight elevators to NBC in the same building as the Rainbow Room!
Stephen Hutcheson - a versatile designer og interiors, products, furniture, fabric who is also a dkiller skater and he now judges skating
Chippy Irvine - President of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation, ex fashion designer, now a writer of books about interiors, fabric,
sewing, etc.
Keith Irvine - Interior Designer, Irvine & Fleming.
Tom Kligerman - Architect, Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects.
Eapen Leubner - a talented budding opera star - light tenor who is currently getting a lot of work in Florida and Southern opera
Kathleen Leubner - works with children, advising special programs for troubled children.
Van Lupu - very good sportswear designer (i.e. White Stag - when it was around) who now devotes himself to teaching.
Frances Schultz - Writer.
Maurice Antaya (master of the wardrobe) - talented designer, now retired (ie put Anne Klein II on the map plus many other companies).
Sheila Kotur - interior designer, was in fashion and also well-known for her illustrations.
We applaud their time, spirit and energy put into this Mini-Masque.
Rainbow Room Tables Glowing

Rainbow Room - dancing up a storm

Jean Larette - Grant Gibson - dancing

Lisa Boudiette - Richard Finch

Sally Swing swinging on the dance floor with Tom Beeton

Joel Barkley and Cynthia Gunn
dancing up a storm…

Taking the urns
Grant Gibson Suzanna Allen

Post party chatter by Soane Fdn President
Chippy Irvine with Kathy Springhorn

The Board of Directors of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation would like to express a special note of appreciation to the following who help to make the evening possible

Special Creative Services

Robert Van Nutt: Designer of the invitation and program cover. The invitation design by Robert Van Nutt was based on a rendering of Inigo Jones’s Gateway from the Great House, Chelsea (1621), now at Chiswick House.  The cover of the program as well as the etching of the crystal Soane Foundation Honors is a rendering of the Soane Museum Breakfast Room of No. 13 Lincoln’s Inn Field.

Special thanks to the contributors to our gift bags this evening:

California Homes Magazine
Departures Magazine
EOS Airlines
Penhaligan’s of London
Anne Edgar Associates for providing signed copies of Cathedral by David Macaulay

Special Thanks:

Dr. Gordon Higgott for the selection of quotes and passages used in the program.

Additional thanks go to:

Maggie Fogel -- Office of ForwardMiller A  Designs by James Male
Matthew Gillis Photography -- Ed Howard and Tom Piper of Checkerboard Film Foundation
CitiView Audio Visual Services -- K2 Printing A Calligraphy by Judith Ness
SBS Group -- Sara Vass Public Relations and Consultation
The Gifted Portfolio -- Hank Lane Music and Productions -- Vie Luxe
EOS Airlines and Academic Arrangements Aboard
Vanessa De Jesus and the team at the Rainbow by Cipriani.

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