Who We Are

Soane in America

The Soane Foundation supports Sir John Soane’s Museum in London through a spirited program of lectures, travel opportunities, fellowships, and events inspired by Sir John Soane and his world.

Our roster of members spans the country from New York to Miami and Chicago to Los Angeles, and includes a number of international friends from the United Kingdom and beyond.

What We Do

Soane Honors

Please stay tuned for our announcement of the 2024 Soane Honors and thank you for continuing to support Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation.



Fellowships fund research residencies at the Soane Museum oriented towards academic research related to any aspect of the work of Sir John Soane or Sir John Soane’s Museum.


Museum Grants

Museum Grants provide jury-selected professionals and scholars with travel support to London for the study of current techniques and practices in architectural preservation.

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