The Soane Foundation Fellowships


“Hosting Soane Fellows is a very positive experience for all involved. The scholars benefit from their uninterrupted research time, and the staff gain a lot too, not just from further insight into the collection, but also from the more informal exchanges of ideas. The lasting relationships formed have continued to benefit the Museum as the Fellows progress through their careers.”  — Will Gompertz, Deborah Loeb Brice Director, Sir John Soane’s Museum

Museum Fellowships

Museum Fellowship

Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Graduate Fellowship provides an annual award for scholars in graduate degree programs in the history of art or architecture, interior design, historic preservation, and the decorative arts. Each Fellowship funds a residency at the Soane Museum for academic research related to the work of Sir John Soane or Sir John Soane’s Museum. Fellows work in concert with Museum archivists and curators to utilize the collections and advance their research.

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Traveling Fellowships

Traveling Fellowship

Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Traveling Grant is an annual prize to enable students in the practices of architecture or design to travel abroad for a focused study of a historic place, period, or architect. Inspired by the young Soane’s own traveling scholarship – an award that provided him the means to draw and measure historic architecture abroad – the Grant enables critical personal interaction with built works. As with Soane’s studies, students will draw on history for insights into current design issues, creating a powerful and lasting foundation for their future professional work.

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Aleksander Musial, Princeton University (PhD student)


Jerome Tryon, Yale University (MArch)

J. Cody Houseman, Emory University (PhD student)


John Cooper, Princeton University (MArch student)

Sydney Ayers, University of Edinburgh (PhD student)

Nasim Rowshanabadi, Yale University (MArch student)


Jonathan Duval, Brown University (PhD student)


Victoria Addona, Harvard University (PhD student)

Daniel Healey, Princeton University (PhD student)


Sheila Maloney, Bard Graduate Center, New York

Marrikka Trotter, Harvard University (PhD student)

James Lenahan, University of Notre Dame (MArch student)

Lisa Haber-Thomson, Harvard University (PhD student)


Marrikka Trotter, Harvard University (PhD student)

Laurel Peterson, Yale University (PhD student)


Brigid von Preussen, Columbia University (PhD student)

Seth Baum, Beaux-Arts Atelier of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, New York (Diploma student)


Cara P. Rachele, Harvard University (PhD student)

Jennifer S. Bevan, University of Notre Dame (MArch student)


David Pullins, Harvard University (PhD student)


Nicholas Andrew Herman, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (PhD student)

Janina Knight, Queen’s University, Ontario (PhD student)


Michael J Waters, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (PhD student)


Carolyn Y. Yerkes, Columbia University (PhD student)


Danielle Shea Willkens, University of Virginia (MArch student)


R. Samuel Roche, Yale University (MArch student)


Bryan Boyer, Harvard University (MArch student)


Augustus Wendell, School of Visual Arts, NY (MA student)


Edward Wendt, Columbia University (See also 1996)


Angelo Maggi, Edinburgh College of Art (PhD student)


Christopher Drew Armstrong, Columbia University (PhD student)


Terrance Galvin, University of Pennsylvania (PhD student)

Helene Furjàn, Princeton University (PhD student)


Daniel Abramson, Connecticut College (Asst Professor)


Edward Wendt, Columbia University (PhD student) (see also 2002)


Sean Sawyer, Columbia University (PhD student)


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